Vodka With “The Guys” And Laundry

Well I am feeling of many layers of shiete this morning.  I went to do laundry and met a group of guys hanging out and having some drinks.  Before I continue, let me “splain” that I am the kind of guy who can get on stage or in front of a camera and I am “on!”  Get me in a room with 3 people and I am in the corner admiring the wall paint for it’s wonderful adhesion to Sheetrock.  Not a snob; very shy performance artist.

  I met this group of 3, turning into 4, eventually 5 guys talking about the days, “whatever” and meandered over to meet them.  (I am reflecting back to 8 year old kids and the new kid on the block wanting to play kickball)  Well they invited me in and of course drinks were displayed, many of them in the Vodka school of dance.  I HAD to, of course!  So now I am hangin’ out with ‘the guys,’ having a cup of vodka and Red Bull, in a cup (I use the term “CUP” loosely.  It was actually a travel mug that could hold enough fuel to transport a Braniff airliner to Memphis) and I was happy.

 [cut scene to “who knows” hours later]

I woke up this morning feeling of many layers of shiete and Joy is telling me, “Just go back to sleep and don’t worry ’bout it.”